Дни открытых дверей - 2019

  • 18.04.2019г. в 14:00 (четверг)
  • 19.04.2019г. в 14:00 (пятница)

по адресу: г.Набережные Челны, пр. Московский, д.95 (8/02)
остановки: «пр.Р.Беляева» или «Пожарное депо»,

приёмная комиссия 8-8552 58-75-78



A state multilevel innovative professional educational establishment dealing with the preparation of high qualified specialists of initial, middle and higher stages of professional education for the spheres of trade and public catering. 

When we enter the institute we find ourselves absorbed in a wonderful world created by the institute employees and students.

We love our institute and consider it to be one of the best educational establishments. It is a great combination of personal and professional interests, teachers’ and students’ aspirations, creativity and various kinds of rest.

We have good results due to everybody’s attention both to the educational process and its control and well-timed analysis and adjusting. All these seem to be a great motivation for both teachers’ and students’ activity.

We can cope with the difficulties and build our future if we are a team where the people help and encourage each other.

Suvorov Victor Semenovich, Chancellor of Naberezhnyye Chelny State Institute of Trade and Technology.


The institute being based on the Professional College of trade and Technology was opened in 2004.

The promoter of the institute is the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Protection of Tatarstan.

Transformations and renaming

1972 – Trade and Culinary College.

1980 – Secondary Professional Technical College

1992 – Commercial Lyceum 

1997 – Professional College of Trade and Technology

2000 – branch of Moscow State Technological Academy (on the base of the college)

2004 – State Institute of Trade and Technology

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